Vintage Paint and Plasters


  • American Clay Plasters – 7 blends of organic earth textures

  • American Paint Co – chalks & clay paints

  • Anaglypta - paintable embossed wallcoverings

  • Bradbury & Bradbury - hand-painted wallpapers

  • CeCe Caldwell’s - chalks & clay paints

  • Chalktique– powder additive to housepaint affordable chalk finish

  • Faux Effects International – the Pro’s source of supplies

  • Fiddes Waxes - tinted as well as clear and used in English castles

  • General Finishes – A resource for the cabinet and furniture

  • Gilders Paste – a ‘rouge’ used to add detail to a finish

  • Howard’s Restor-a-Finish & Feed & Wax to refresh or revive existing furniture

  • Mica, Foils, and Metallic Paint

  • Modern Masters - metallic paint products, unique rust & patinas

  • Sinopia Artisanal borax based casein paint having the most beautiful colors coming from earth pigments from around the world

  • Sweet Pickins' Milk Paint 

  • UnEarthed vegan derived casein & clay paints made in Germany having Eastern European & Scandinavian colors

  • WoodUbend Ornaments 

Only nature can provide calm dwellings, acrylics give an industrial feel to a room

  • CHALKY PAINTS are a beautiful finish, but when attending Annie Sloan's tour in San Francisco in 2012 I learned it is a soft and porous coating, great for aging, yet saw that it reflects light when top coated but waxing allows light to absorb into the finish. So, I wax knowing to use it only on lesser used for wear furniture because wax is a sacrificial finish, never for kitchens. Clay added with chalk makes it a bit harder and also thicker so it covers better. We carry CeCe Caldwell’s and American Paint Company chalk and clay paints for their earthy and brighter color ways.”
  • MILK PAINTS have a matte sheen that doesn’t reflect light and continues to cure becoming extremely durable. They are tinted with natural pigments, colors that cannot be matched by acrylic paints. We stock Sweet Pickens for their bright colors and Farmhouse Style for more muted shades. Both come in powdered form and mixed with water. General Finishes have been making products for the cabinet and furniture industry since 1928 needing a ready mixed milky-look finish and having a strong durability so found a resin that would match the traditional milks. General Finishes milks are my choice to refinish kitchen and bath cabinets.
  • FAUX EFFECTS has been the leader in the design industry since the 80's making both acrylic and mineral-based paints and plasters. Faux Effects mineral-based Adobe and Layering Paints and NuVilla or TeraChroma plasters give you the "Old World" and Southwest American looks. Cultures worldwide have been using similar products for centuries.
  • AMERICAN CLAY PLASTERS makes several types of finishes matching walls and ceilings seen in the past. Coarse textures or polished walls or by adding straw for Pueblo looks or ground up seashells as used by the peoples in the coastal areas. Troweling these plasters are user-friendly with our application workshops.
  • WoodUbend brings a higher level to design and decorating with ornaments adding glamorous looks to plain surfaces. When heated becomes flexible to fit irregular surfaces and glued-on will imitate raised surfaces easier and better than doing a raised stenciled ornament. It can be twisted and bent making it conform or can be stained, matching its surrounding or painted.

Specialty tools, brushes and trowels are available.